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Factors to consider when buying a cordless drill

Building a house is not easy because of the work that has to be patched together. You need several tools and equipment not just during the construction even after the construction is completed for maintenance purposes. One of the critical factors that you will need is purchasing a cordless drill. A cordless drill will assist you in the drilling of holes in your house. Let us look at some of the factors to consider when buying a cordless drill.


Power is another powerful indicator when you are choosing a cordless drill. The battery voltage determines the power of the drill which usually ranges between 2.4v to about 40 v. Voltage alone cannot be used in determining how powerful a cordless drill is, but it can be used in deciding which is the best drill. The high-voltage drills are perfect for the heavy duties whereas the low-voltage drills are perfect for the light duties like hanging the picture frames, installing the cabinets, and replacing the hinges.

The weight factor

The weight factor is also critical when choosing the right cordless drill. Most people prefer lightweight and compact cordless drills since it gives them lots of options. A light cordless drill will enable the user to work for the prolonged duration of time since they will get tired quickly. This will ensure that the people work for a longer time and therefore, means that improved productivity.

Chuck size

Different cordless drills come in various chuck sizes. Make sure that the cordless drill that you select has the chuck size that you require. The most common chuck sizes are those that are ½” and 3/8”. The chuck size refers to the largest drill bit shank that the chuck can utilize. The ½” models are usually heavy duty and are mostly used by the professionals, and the other type is used by the amateurs. Based on your experience, you will know the right one to select.

Battery types and chargers

cordless drill

Last but not least, look at the battery types and chargers. The type of battery for your cordless drill will determine its cost. The cordless drill with the new-tech batteries is more expensive as compared to the cordless drills with the traditional nickel-cadmium.